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Lemons and Ladybugs

A Memoir by Mike Critelli
Inspired by the words of Angelina Speier

Beyond the confines of time and the limits of memory, Lemons and Ladybugs uncovers what truly matters in life, with death as only the beginning….

Mike was a screenwriter working in Los Angeles when his cousin-in-law, Angel, dropped a Facebook post that rocked their world: her husband, Kevin, had just been diagnosed with Stage IV oral cancer, and would need immediate surgery to remove his tongue. If anyone could survive this, it was Kev. Incredibly tough, and a man of few words. Angel, on the other hand, had no shortage of words, and as she began sharing their story online, she unexpectedly found her own voice: passionate, unfiltered, and totally irreverent.

Fast forward, years later. Angel has created a one-of-a-kind digital diary, and seeks Mike’s expertise to edit down the darkest chapters of her life. Mike agrees, as a means to solve a puzzle he’d been struggling with for years: behind the strong, silent façade…who, really, was Kevin? Through one-on-one interviews with close friends, Facebook posts and phone call transcripts, the raw material of Mike’s curiosity is laid bare, as he attempts to meet the man behind the mystery, since he was no longer around to tell his own story.

Set in the small town of Goleta, California, Lemons and Ladybugs is original, inspirational, non-fiction for the social media age.

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